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Designed specifically for the needs and demands of the koi keeper and their pond. Providing a one piece solution for skimmer fitment through solid concrete block walls.

Measuring 220mm wide and 200mm high this will fit exactly in place of a half block width and 2 blocks high (flat). With a total length of 740mm.

Incorporates a front plate for either GRP bonding or liner clamping with recessed holes to ensure there is nothing for the fish to catch themselves on.

It has as standard a 3 inch outlet that can be either through the sides, back or base.

Built in 2” adjustable overflow that is 10” from the front plate

Removable front grill and basket with 25mm holes.

Internal floating weir.

Recommended flow rate 8,000 – 10,000 l/hr

RRP £162.50 (excluding local sales tax)


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North Wales Manufacturers of a revolutionary 'drop-in' drum filter system for koi carp keepers.

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