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About DracoDrum

DracoDrum arose from the need for a different approach to aquaculture filtration systems.

The brief - to make a cost effective, easily repaired, accessible and safe drum that could go anywhere it was needed. So in 2013, the Origin drop in drum was born.

Of true modular construction, running entirely on 12v and at a cost at the time of less than 4 figures, it was a paradigm shift away from far more expensive and complicated systems then available.

Today that same ethos of cost effectiveness and simplicity has grown into a range of domestic and industrial filtration products that now cater for not just koi ponds, but research groups, breeding programs, zoological needs, marine fisheries and industrial processes in the harshest of environments.

We continue to strive to be innovative and to make our technologies some of the most efficient in the industry, both in processes and in power needs and will continue to do this wholly in-house in our UK facility.

About Us

North Wales Manufacturers of a revolutionary 'drop-in' drum filter system for koi carp keepers.

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  • Unit 1A, Ashmount Enterprise Park, Flint, Flintshire, CH6 5YL
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