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Draco Filtering Stingray Tank

Meanwhile in Sydney, Draco is filtering an Amazonian stingray tank. Totally enchanting.

Before & After

The 2 videos show the same pond with approx 27 hour difference. The pond is fed via a borehole and the red colouring is iron oxide which comes up as part of that water. This really shows what a difference using a 58micron screen makes in comparison to larger micron screens.


DracoDrum Solum 25 & Bio

Video showing the Standalone Solum range launched in 2017 with the accompanying bio chamber. Keep an eye out for the piece of red K1 to see just how effective the unique curved design makes the Bio chamber in circulating the media

Demo Polycarbonate Drum

We built this drum in clear polycarbonate to demo how the drum works internally.

Inside a DracoDrum

Draco undergoing a cleaning cycle, lit from inside to clearly show the waste removal from the screen.

DracoDrum in Operation - Nexus 310

DracoDrum running in a Nexus 310, with option diaphragm pressure pump. C/O Dave Harrison, installation at Coldwater Collection, Corley.

DracoDrum in a standard 36" vortex

DracoDrum in a standard 36" vortex, single inlet, running with a vortex K1 bio chamber test set.

DracoDrum rotary filter in cleaning cycle

Clip showing the DracoDrum rotary drum filter going through a 2 cycle clean.

DracoDrum Controller and Unit

Clip shows the manual operation of the "drop in" DracoDrum and its controller. LED indicators show the activity and status of the drum.

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Designed primarily as a singular "drop in" module with a very short 'out-of-the-box to full operation' implementation time. It is the perfect 'drum filter' solution....


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