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As we all strive to become more environmentally conscious, as well as helping to reduce water usage and power on our products, we also recognise the fact that people do not want to have to throw away perfectly good equipment but would like to be able to update to newer technology.

Based on this ideology we have created the following kits:-

External motor Retrofit kit

This includes the motor.

Motor Kit

*Not Suitable for the minima unless you have space along the flat back of the unit of approx. 100mm (4")

RRP £212.50 (ex VAT or local sales tax)

Quick Release/Change UV Resistant DPM Drum Seal Retrofit Kit

This includes the internal DPM rubber seal.

Drum Seal

*Not suitable for the Minima or Draco 2

Solum 16 / 25/ Medius - RRP £71.67 (ex VAT or local sales tax)
Solum 70 / Magna- RRP £90.00 (ex VAT or local sales tax)

Solid state Water Level Sensor - This is direct replacement

Water Level Sensor

Not suitable for the Minima / Origin 16 / Draco 2 / Origin 25

RRP £84.00 (ex VAT or local sales tax)

Nylon body Water Valve - This is a direct replacement

Nylon Body Water Valve
RRP £78 (ex VAT or local sales tax)

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North Wales Manufacturers of a revolutionary 'drop-in' drum filter system for koi carp keepers.

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